Patty Potty Reporting for Duty


There’s a new spokesperson in Texas and she goes by the name of Patty Potty! She uses a creative and eye-catching approach to tell Texas households what they should do with a wipes after they’re done using it. Answer – trash it.

Tackling potty talk with a plunger in hand, she is here to re-educate and spread awareness that wipes are not “flushable” although sometimes contrary to the product the label. With slogans like “no wipes in the pipes!”, this lovable pink and retro housewife plunges at the growing sewer issues – one wipe at a time.

“Trash ’em don’t flush ’em!,” says Patty. ” There is nothing wrong with these products… the problem is how people displose of them. Flush only the 3 P’s! Pee, poo and (toilet) paper.”

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