Get Cleaner and Go Greener!

While wipes remain at the top of the hit list for damaging pipes and clogging sewer systems, we must not forget that toilet paper can still be a large culprit of destruction.

It’s time that we start following in the footsteps of our more innovative counterparts overseas and begin using alternative methods to get cleaner – so, kiss your plunger goodbye forever (not literally, please) and say hello to the bidet. You’ll save money and resources AND feel cleaner….what’s better than that?


“Frankly, I got a bidet to ease the burden on my own infrastructure. But a second benefit is how much water I’m saving by eliminating most of the need for toilet paper, a water-intensive product at the production stage.”

“I estimate the pressurized squirting action uses one or two cups per appointment.  But that’s nothing compared to the estimated 13 gallons of water it takes to produce one roll of TP. And then there are the trees I’m saving. Global TP production uses an estimated 27,000 trees, daily. Additionally, I’m saving lots of money.

Furthermore, bidets will help prevent municipal pipes from clogging and ease sewage treatment processes.”

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