Going Global: Standardizing terms of “flushability”


Clear pipes are on the horizon!

What’s going on? After nearly three years in the works, the ISO has finally began making progress on establishing global standards for wipes manufacturers.

Who’s the ISO? Stands for International Standards Organization. They serve as a body for nearly 200 participating countries to develop global standards.

What’s the catch? It comes as no surprise that INDA, EDANA, and other nonwovens industry stakeholders around the world keep their hands in the mix to ensure they’re being treated fairly in testing methods and labeling practices.

But there’s good news for both sides!

  1. If the ISO is successful in creating global testing standards, we will dramatically cut down on the amount of debris clogging up sewer systems around the world.
  2. Wipes that do pass these standards will not only receive the gold stamp of approval to have “flushable” on their packaging (aka happy Marketing Teams), but they can also be sold for a pretty penny over the competition that wasn’t so lucky on passing the test.

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