Wet Wipes Causing Ninety Percent of Sewer Blockages


New industry study finds that ninety percent of sewer blockages are caused by wet wipes….(Yep, you read that correctly).

So who’s the biggest offender? An investigation in the UK uncoded the mystery; of 54 sewer blockages, 45.52% were caused by an “unidentified mass of wipes”. Of the rest, 41.41% were caused by baby wipes and 5.07% by surface and cleaning wipes.

And while Water UK appreciates that retailers are taking the initiative to re-label their wipes as non-flushable, they still say that more needs to be done on their part to save our sewers.

What’s more? It comes as no surprise that while we’re seeing these wipes in our sewers, they’re also showing up as undisposed trash on our beaches. 

Groups like the Marine Conservation Society have reported big increases in wet wipe litter on beaches. Those containing polyester break down, fueling the problem of microplastic pollution of the environment and sea.

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