Welch Water Warns of 5 Month Fatberg Clearing Project

Utility company, Welch Water, heads underground for deep excavations in the city of Cardiff Bay to begin 5 month fatberg clearing project.

A giant greaseball mixed with trash, including wet wipes, has clogged the city sewer in Cardiff Bay, Wales. Engineers are launching the excavation project of the underground clog which is said to cost a whopping £2million and take approximately 5 months to clear.

During this extended period of time, Welch Water warns nearby businesses of possible odor problems as they work to remove the blockage.

Sewage clogs from fatbergs and wet wipes cost the UK approximately £80million per year to clear the obstructions.

What exactly are ‘Fatbergs’?

Fatbergs are blockages made up of flushed fat, oil, grease and other flushed waste such as wet wipes and illegal drugs. They form into huge concrete-like slabs and can be found beneath almost every UK city, growing larger with every flush. They also include food wrappers and human waste, blocking tunnels – and raising the risk of sewage flooding into homes.

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