Coming to a Men’s Restroom Near You…

UK to introduce sanitary bins to men’s restrooms after wet wipes wreak havoc in London’s Victorian sewage pipes.

Surprise! Men, you may begin seeing sanitary bins in public restrooms across the UK very soon. In the past, trash receptacles were believed to only be necessary in women’s restrooms for sanitary product disposal. However, after the damage that London has experienced recently with the fatberg clog in London’s Victorian sewage system, the Greater London Assembly’s Environmental Committee has deemed it necessary to begin introducing trash receptacles into men’s restrooms to provide a place to toss their wet wipes and non-flushables.

“Across the UK, more than 11bn wet wipes are used a year, up by a quarter from five years ago, and many people are unaware that they can’t be flushed. About 4bn disposable nappies are used, and sales of unflushable incontinence products, for men as well as women, has gone up by 50% to more than 1bn a year as the population ages. And in most public loos and toilets in restaurants, bars or offices, men have nowhere to dispose of such items except down the pan.”

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