Baby Wipes Create Massive Fatberg Blockage in Detroit

100-Foot Mass Excavated from Major Metropolitan City Sewer

Another massive fatberg has reared its ugly head in a major city in the United States – but this time, the city of Detroit plans to use it as a huge teaching lesson. Earlier this month, public works officials in Macomb County discovered a 100-foot long, 11-foot wide, and 6-foot tall clump of baby wipes, fat and grease imbedded into the sewer; the largest fatberg ever recorded in the 27 cities and townships that make up Macomb County in Michigan.

But this story has a happy ending: public works officials plan to display the fatberg at an upcoming press conference at the Clintondale Pump Station in efforts to educate homeowners and businesses about the dangers of flushing wipes and other non-flushables down the sewers.

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