Catering Teams Urged To Ditch Reliance On Wet Wipes



Catering companies rely on quick, effective, and portable cleaning methods, so it’s no surprise that for their ease of use, food service teams around the globe turn to wet wipes and pre-moistened cleaning cloths. From moist hand wipes and napkins to industrial antibacterial cloths for the bathroom and kitchen, wipes are a favorite in this industry. In a recent survey conducted by Lanes Group, a staggering number of individuals reported to not disposing of wipes properly, despite knowing their harmful effects on sewer systems; 31% of surveyed individuals admitted to flushing wipes down the toilet and a staggering 52% claimed that they were very aware of the dangers in this practice.

“…we know that people are doing this [flushing wipes] on a large scale, and many problems that our engineers deal with at catering venues are the result of blockages caused by inappropriate products being flushed down toilets – rather than being disposed of in a bin.”

Michelle Ringland, head of Marketing for the drain cleaning and repair specialist, Lane Group, encourages catering managers and teams to begin making a change and starting with themselves. She recommends educating staff on the matter in order to lead to a ripple effect, “Informing cleaning staff of the correct way to dispose of single-use wipes and highlighting the risks of flushing could have an immediate impact on the problem.” In conjunction with education, Michelle suggests that new facility changes be made to ensure compliance: disposal units in bathroom stalls for personal hygiene items, and reusable cleaning cloths that are color coded for the area and solution they are to be used on. Not only does this cut down on waste and eliminate plumbing clogs, it’s also a more cost effective solution to the expensive disposable cloths.

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