Global Consumer Wet Wipes Market Research Report


“Upcoming Growth Opportunities and Industry Trends Insights through 2017-2026”

Fact.MR recently published a Market Research report that attempts to forecast the future of the Wet Wipes industry. Let’s break down some important key components of the report:

  • There’s a wipe for everything: skincare (makeup removing, anti-acne, anti-aging, soothing, etc.), bathroom care, specialty wipes for men (and their beards), pet care, home and auto cleaning and many more. Companies that used to only offer one type of wipe are now venturing into various profitable markets and offering new types of wipes to many industries.
  • “Convenience and portability associated with packaging of consumer wet wipes are considered to be imperative factors influencing their purchases, as compact packaging, such as travel packs, enhances portability and reduces the overall cost of the product”- Abhishek Budholiya, Tactical Business
  • Online retailing is expected to be a huge factor in the forecasted increase in wet wipe sales
  • Fact.MR estimates that more than 394,000 thousand units of consumer wet wipes are expected to be sold across the globe by 2026-end

So, what is the takeaway from all of this for wastewater/environmental industry enthusiasts? We know and understand the damages and labor associated with un-doing the mess caused by flushed wipes in our sewer systems. In order to protect our pipes from further damage while the wet wipe industry continues to grow we must:

  • Push for proper labeling (no more “flushable”!)
  • Urge wide-spread acceptance and use of trash bins in all restroom stalls, regardless of gender
  • Educate communities on proper wipes disposal (in the trash bin, not the toilet!)
  • Inform the public about the consequences and dangers of flushing wipes and all other non-flushables to pipes and treatment facilities
  • Equip our treatment facilities with the proper tools to combat the potential influx of wipes in our pipes

Read the article here.