Could Flushable Wipes Actually Become Flushable?

A New Horizon for Wipes

Austria based company, the Lenzing Group, creates eco-friendly fibers for various applications. Their new product called “Veocel” is made up of a mixture of cellulosic Lyocell fibers and wood pulp that easily and safely break down in a much shorter period of time.

Currently, wet wipes are produced using non-biodegradable synthetic fibers like polyester, which are difficult to breakdown when flushed and also leave microscopic pieces of plastic in our water supply even after it’s treated. In contrast, the new Veocel Lyocell fibers are reported to be a sustainable and botanic alternative to the current synthetics and also provide enhanced absorbency and natural smoothness.

Not only do the Veocel Lyocell fibers claim to be eco-friendly and sustainable, in recent tests the products have been shown to reach 90% disintegration within 30 minutes – which far surpasses the flushability guidelines set in place by INDA today.

“We take a proactive approach and lay the foundation for flushable wet wipes that combine convenience with environmental responsibility, so that we can bring optimal quality and performance to flushable nonwoven products, as well as other nonwoven segments”  – Wolfgang Plasser, vice president of Global Business Management Nonwovens, Lenzing AG.

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