Reports Reveal All ‘Flushable’ Wipes Sold In UK Have Failed Industry Tests

That’s right – of all the brands marketing their wet wipes as ‘flushable’ in the UK, not one has passed the water industry’s disintegration tests, reports BBC.

Last year, the UK government requested that wipes manufacturers and water companies find a common ground and create an agreeable flushable standard for the industry. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their efforts. Manufacturers of the wipes insist that flushable wipes aren’t the problem, while water companies push back stating that manufacturers flushability tests aren’t stringent enough and in the end only pee, poo and paper should be flushed.

Scientists at WRC, a water-testing laboratory in Swindon, carry out tests on wet wipes to assess their ability to disintegrate when they are flushed into the sewers. They put wipes into conical flasks full of water and rotate them on a shaking platform – which they believe mimics the turbulence of water conditions in a sewer.Using this technique, they have found that none of the wipes marked “flushable” which are currently available for sale in the UK pass the test.

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