Ryerson Urban Water research team reveals not-so-shocking results about “flushable wipes”

News Flash: They aren’t flushable.

Barry Orr (pictured above) is a part of the research team at Ryerson Urban Water. Recently, Orr and his colleagues conducted a rigorous comprehensive study on single-use items commonly flushed down the toilet after use. The test aimed to decipher which of these products marketed as flushable are truly safe for the sewer systems.

Pictured below, the study ruled out which products failed to disintegrate when exposed to water during testing. 23 different “flushable” wipes were observed and of the bunch, NONE passed the test. 2 of the single-use products eventually partially broke down but the other 21 never broke down in the test.

Read more about the logistics of the test and how un-flushables are effecting sewers around the world each day: here.