Wet Wipe Market Predictions Show No End In Site Despite Massive Efforts

As efforts ramp up to knock out sewage clogs caused by wet wipes, the disposable wipe market continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

So which wipes are predicted to grow the most? Let’s first break down how wipes are segmented in the market: According to a study from the Market Research Gazette, the global flushable wipes market is divided by application and region. In terms of application, the wipes market is separated into a couple different categories, for example: cosmetic, personal care, medical, etc. The personal care segment can be broken down further, as products like baby wipes, feminine wipes and antibacterial hand wipes all fall under this category.

Researchers forecast that the personal care wipes are expected to launch the wipes market and contribute to its overall steady revenue growth for the period. Another growing segment is the feminine hygiene wipes, which lives under the personal care category. The article notes that increased convenience for quick hygiene maintenance and a push in marketing these specific product segments are the largest contributing factors for the market growth and success of the overall global wipes industry.

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