The average family uses HOW many wipes?!

Wipes aren’t just damaging to our sewers. They are polluting our oceans, too.

According to Jackson Reece, a plant-based baby wipe manufacturer, wipes are to blame for 93% of the UK’s sewer blockages. But that isn’t all that’s effected by the products; our oceans are in danger, too. Jackson Reece recently partnered with the Dublin Aquarium Sea Life Bray to show visitors the true impact of wet wipe use and the harm the flushing wipes causes to oceans. The video also states that 99% of wipes produced and sold today are created with polyester material, which is plastic and not biodegradable – despite flushable claims.

“All parents can agree that they want the best possible future for the kids, and that can be possible if we change up our buying habits, such as plastic-infused wipes for biodegradable.” – Jackson Reece

Watch the video here.