Student Volunteers Stencil Storm Drains to Promote Awareness of Sewers

Local community members, including student volunteers, have come up with a clever way to catch the public eye. This weekend, the Androscoggin Valley Stormwater Working Group and many others gathered for a municipal stormwater drainage system discussion and then began making their way through the town using stencils to create works of art on storm drains.

“This stenciling event is in effort to help educate the public of this process and to remind them not to dump down the drain.” – Androscoggin Valley Soil & Water Conservation District

Efforts of the project also reinforce to the public that illegal dumping into storm drains and sewers has a mass negative impact on the ocean and community.

“The Androscoggin Valley Soil and Water Conservation District will be joined by the City of Lewiston as we lead a troop of girl scouts on a mission to stencil storm water drains with messages warning people what not to throw down there!” – Androscoggin Valley Soil & Water Conservation District Facebook page

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