Canadian Councillor to Make Big Move Against Wipes


Markham’s Councillor, Jack Heath, is ready to start cracking down on all products marketed as “flushable”. According to the article, the products are clogging sewers and costing the region $1 million per year to remove. Heath was noted saying the he knows the move will be controversial and require a lot of work but he wants to take the steps in hopes that others will follow.

“Of course, we’ll create a court case. Of course we’ll be into matters of (critics saying), ‘You have no jurisdiction’ etc., etc., and it will be on the front page,” Heath said. “And, quickly, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal and other bigger organizations will weigh in and say, ‘We have this problem, too.’ I think that’s the only way to make a step forward on this.” – Jack Heath, Markham Councillor

To kickoff the movement, Heath proposes banning flushable items from stores. The Environmental Services commissioner, Erin Mahoney, says that there are a bundle of products being poured down sinks and flushed that shouldn’t – like fats, oils, grease, feminine hygiene products, etc. – but perhaps the most troubling is the wet wipe because they are falsely sold as being safe to flush.

“Improperly disposing of these items can block pipes and bind pumps, causing damage and sewage backups, resulting in increased maintenance costs along with health, safety and environmental risks.” – Erin Mahoney, Environmental Services commissioner

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