ACCC takes on Kimberly-Clark in Federal Court for false and misleading claims about it’s ‘flushable’ wipes


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, or ACCC for short, recently took Kimberly-Clark to federal court over the claims that their wipes are ‘flushable’ and safe for sewer systems. The ACCC argued that the label misleads consumers into thinking that the products are able to breakdown once flushed, just like toiler paper. Unfortunately, the court ruled in favor of Kimberly-Clark due to a lack of evidence to prove that wipes products had contributed to the problems in municipal sewage systems.

The outcome of the case greatly upset environmental and advocacy groups across Australia, especially considering the detriment the country’s wastewater systems have endured due to unflushables in the piping.

After the hearing, Head of Campaigns and Policy at CHOICE has stepped in to keep warning Australians about the dangers of flushing wipes. CHOICE applauded the ACCC for ‘taking on tough cases like this and a strong consumer regulator will have wins and losses along the way’.

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