City of Fargo Alerted to Massive Rag Ball in Lift Station

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The City of Fargo’s crews were recently alerted by a system sensor at the lift station that there was a problem. Crews worked to figure out what was triggering the sensor when they came across the source of the issue: a massive ball of unflushables, including wet wipes, that had been blocking up the system. Crew members snapped photos in disbelief of the large mass they worked to clear from the lift station. The following statement was posted on the City of Fargo’s Facebook page:

“An old saying goes something like “what comes up, must go down.” At #Fargo Wastewater Department, the team prefers to say “what goes down, must come out somewhere.” These pictures are not showing a giant hairball; rather, they show a collection of items that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet and accumulated on sanitary lift station #25. These instances occur when non-flushables are disposed of improperly into our sewer system. Fortunately, The City of Fargo utilizes sensors and other methods to alert our team members when systems are not operating at full capacity. Team Fargo responded to address the issue in restoring the system’s ability to handle peak capacity flows. Learn more about Wastewater Department operations at”

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