California Making Moves in the Fight Against Wipes


California lawmakers are taking big steps to save their pipes from wipes. Written by Assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, Assembly Bill 1672 states that disposable ‘non-woven’ products in California would need to be labeled appropriately – that means that all products such as wet wipes, baby wipes, hygienic wipes, etc. would need to alert consumers that they are not to be flushed.

Of course, this bill has not come not without backlash. “Flushable” wipes manufacturers are clapping back at the bill saying that their wipes are not to blame for sewer issues or any environmental impact. Assemblyman Bloom listened to these concerns and worked together with the companies to re-word the language as it was argued to be “too specific”. Bloom is hopeful that new amendments will be added in the coming months to help the bill be effective on the current wipes issue.

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