Hemp toilet paper: Could this be the next big thing?

Hemp based goods are catching on like wildfire in countries around the world as a new eco friendly alternative to paper based products. Not only is it a popular alternative now, some consumers even report preferring the products over the paper based options. Did you know? Before the use of trees for toilet paper, Hemp was actually the choice material! So what makes Hemp far superior to regular toilet paper and how does it apply to us today? Well, with the increase in fatbergs and sewage clogging materials, hemp actually provides monumental benefits – its more resilient AND its fibers break down much more easily when flushed and best of all, it doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Toilet paper manufacturers have even hopped on the bandwagon and began creating Hemp lines in their product offerings in stores. Interested in hearing more about the benefits of hemp vs regular paper? Check it out.

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