Reasons Why Your Toilet May Keep Clogging

You’ve tried all the tricks and products, you warn your guests, you’ve questioned your diet and your toilet paper consumption, you’ve cursed obscenities, you even upgraded to that fancy industrial strength plunger…but you still struggle with constant toilet clogs. So what could possibly be the problem? Let us break down the most common reasons why you could be experiencing this embarrassing issue:

Problem: You’ve got an outdated toilet.
Check your toilet model, you may have a low-flow first generation design. You can find out by checking the date on the back of your porcelain throne – if it’s stamped with a date in the mid-1990’s you’ve got the low flow design. No need to worry – just refrain from flushing anything other than toilet paper (which you should be doing anyway) and switch your toilet paper to something less clog prone.

Problem: You’re flushing non-flushable items

This one is a no brainer, my friends. News flash, even wipes that claim ultimate flushability are actually NOT flushable. Yes, you read that correctly and have given in to another marketing gimmick. Your solution is fairly simple, quit flushing wipes! But we get it, you like that ultra clean feel and want that extra step. How about installing a bidet? There are actually plenty of low cost options that install directly onto your current toilet easily. Another option is a super portable toilet paper gel that allows you to get that extra clean feel everywhere you go, and it’s super cost effective compared to wipes!

Problem: There’s a clog in the main sewer line.
If the two problems listed above don’t resonate with you, you may have an issue with the main sewer line nearby. A quick call out to your city may fix the problem. But now-a-days there is a super big problem with everyone flushing non-flushables so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that this may be the problem. Host a white elephant party and your neighbor a bidet or the toilet paper gel, or even post on your neighborhood social page (Nextdoor app, Facebook, etc.) and let them know it’s time to quit it with the wipes.

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