Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage Leads to Massive Sewage Clogs

Yep, you read that correctly. Wondering how it could be possible that a TP shortage could lead to an increase in sewer blockages? It’s the wipes! Retailers across the globe have gone dry of good-ole sewage safe toilet paper causing consumers to turn to alternates such as baby wipes and wet wipes.

In Australia, Hunter Water in New South Wales reported that a 14 metric ton fatberg was cleared from the Morpeth Wastewater Treatment Works facility last week. If we remember back to the basics of what causes a fatberg, wipes and other non-flushable materials mixed with sewage, oils, etc., it’s no surprise that this unfortunate build up has occurred. Sadly, with the rate of the COVID-19 spread and mass hysteria, it is only bound to increase the amount of empty toilet paper shelves in stores, leaving a wipes takeover the only thing left in the cards.

So, it’s time we ask for your help as we all do our part to limit the severity of the problem at hand. Where to start? Conserve, conserve conserve! Use the least amount of paper for each bathroom visit. So what happens when you run out? Sure, use the wipes – but keep a bin next to the toilet for disposal. Wipes belong in the trash, not our sewer systems, period.

As we enter into uncharted territory, JWC Wipes Ready® technology is equipped to handle the sudden global increase in flushable wipes.

Wipes Ready® technology is specifically created for our Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® products – designed to shred down wipes into small enough pieces so they will not reweave into ragballs in sewage systems. Learn more about JWC Sewage Pumping Station solutions.