New bills governing proper wipes labeling are gaining traction

Here’s the latest on what’s happening with the movement on wipes labeling

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies reported today that new bills governing proper labeling on wet wipe packaging is gaining momentum; currently Washington state and Minnesota both have bills in the works. In WA, the bill requires non-flushable wipes to have a “Do Not Flush” label with a specific size, contrast and placement on the package. The bill passed through legislation with flying colors and is expected to be signed by the Governor. However, this bill does not govern the use of the word “flushable” on wet wipes.

In Minnesota, a new bill introduced addresses both the packaging and use of the word “flushable” in order to make it crystal clear to consumers about what they’re buying. This bill uses the Code of Practice created by wipes industry associations, which specifies guidelines for labeling on non-flushable wipes. In regards to governing what constitutes a wipe as “flushable”, the bill references the Federal Trade Commission consent decree with Nice-Pak.

“NACWA told Water Finance & Management in 2019 that although many brands of wipes label their products as “flushable,” the reality is that no wipes are flushable because they do not break down in the same manner as, say, toilet paper.”

So, there you have it folks. To read the full spread in Water Finance and Management, click here. For more information on how to combat fatbergs and wipes clogs in your facility, learn more about JWC’s Wipes Ready® technology.