Why A Monster?

Reason #1 - Safety

No one should have to derag a pump

Our goal is to make sure no one needs to derag a pump by hand. Pulling pumps raises safety issues - confined space, raw sewage, hypodermic needles, also pump wear, pump inefficiency and more. JWC Environmental is here to make sure that workers don't have to pull rags. We have installed over 40,000 monster products since 1973.

Reason #2 - Grind Then Pump

Channel Monster

Grinding in a pump station has two advantages

1. Pumps won't clog - Our dual-shafted Monsters grind a wider variety of debris than single-shafted comminutors.

2. Grind, pump, then screen out trash at the treatment plant headworks, not inside the pump station. Don't deal with the foul odors, trash pick-ups, manually raking screens or emptying a debris baskets.

Reason #3 - Fits Anywhere

Versatility, Function and Design

We really can fit a Muffin Monster or Channel Monster grinder almost anywhere inside your lift station.

Challenge Us.

Ask your local JWC rep to take a look. We custom build guide frames to support the grinder so it fits anywhere. No matter how deep the wet well, how cramped the dry well, under a street, in the closet of a jail, or on the ceiling of a hospital's basement… JWC can get it installed.

Reason #4 - Sized To Fit

200 different grinders and screens

We offer the largest size range of grinders and screens that are tough on solids in a wide variety of applications. These Monsters fit into areas with limited space requirements while still providing the necessary power for downstream protection. Our simplified designs makes it a best cost solution to your pumping problems. Take a look at some facts regarding some of our products:

  • Muffin Monsters offer the Highest flow rates.
  • A channel receiving 60 million gallons per day is no problem for our largest Channel Monster.
  • A mobile home complex with just 50,000-gpd is perfect for our Mini Monster grinder.

Reason #5 - Proven To Work

40,000 Installations - It's time for a Monster

Our Vision: Accelerated growth through dynamic solutions and customer preference created by the passion of our team.

Need help selecting a pump station solution?

Put a monster to work and watch your wipes problem disappear.