Sonoma Water Implements Pollution Prevention and Source Control Programs

Sonoma Water’s Environmental Services Division implements Pollution Prevention and Source Control programs

After seeing an increase in wastewater clogs in Northern California, Sonoma Water’s Environmental Services Division has implemented pollution prevention and control programs focusing on major culprits of detrimental sewage clogs for wastewater treatment plants and aging pipes, as well as major water polluters. The initiative focuses on key areas such as FOG or Fats, Oils and Grease, Safe Medicine Disposal, Pest Management, Hazardous Waste Disposal, and several others specifically geared towards commercial pollution from companies and businesses. The new programs bring light to wastewater and water issues and aim to educate the general public about resources available to them to reduce and eliminate harmful environmental impacts.

“The aim of these programs is to keep our treatment facilities in regulatory compliance and prevent pollutants from reaching our waterways through Sonoma Water facilities.  We do this by providing outreach and education to the users of our facilities and by conducting inspections, reviewing building plans and requiring pretreatment at industrial and commercial facilities.”

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