City of Tacoma Shells Out $100,000 Each Year in Efforts to Remove Wet Wipes from Sewage

Stuart Magoon, Assistant Division Manager of Environmental Services with the City of Tacoma, Washington was recently interviewed by K5 News about the damages that wet wipes are causing in residential and city sewer systems. In the video, Magoon shows K5 News the Bar Screen at their facility which runs 24/7 to pull debris out of the sewer line that won’t make it through the treatment process. The plant spends about $100,000 each year to deal with the problem – which consists of collecting, cleaning and disposing of all the debris. He also explains that not only is city infrastructure at risk but so are individual homes. By flushing non-flushable wet wipes and putting grease and oil down drains, homeowners are taking a gamble with the health of their sewer piping. When asked why wet wipes aren’t flushable, Magoon states that they aren’t biodegradable and when they mix with other things in the sewer they cause a huge problem.

Watch the interview with K5 News, here.