Wessex Water Continues to Warn Community After Another Massive Wipes Clog

Wessex Water Services, a water supply and sewage utility company in South West England has a modest social media fan following. The company uses its platform to educate communities and spread the word about the detrimental effects that wet wipes have on sewer systems worldwide.

After dealing with several previous hefty sewage clogs from the non-flushables, Wessex Water preached to the public that they do not break down and are not to be flushed. Despite these warnings, the company has recently been faced with another large clog in the system. They continue to share photos as the crews remove the mess of wipes from the system in order to further spread the word to stop flushing non-flushables.

“75% of sewer blockages are caused by disposable items, such as wet wipes, being flushed down the toilet. Our team recently came across these wet wipes in ” – Wessex Water

Check out the video below from Wessex Water:

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