New European Wet Wipe Passes Water UK’s Regulations – Branded “Fine to Flush”. Is There A Catch?


Amid thousands of reports of clogged sewage systems from wet wipes and fatbergs comes a new (maybe?) knight and shining armor: European company, Natracare, has released a brand new wipe that claims to be plastic-free and biodegradable. Water UK set in place a set of stringent “flushable” regulations and according to the “moist tissue” packaging, the product is safe to flush. While we don’t know the exact methods and tests that are conducted to test flushability, Water UK reported that after testing the Natracare moist tissue, they concluded that the product is “100 percent paper tissue and plastic-free, marine friendly and compostable”.

Could these be the answer to our prayers? Or are they too good to be true? Only time and more tests will tell!

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