“Wetwipe Monster” hits Northern Ireland coastline


Talk about a wipes MESS!

The Northern Ireland ocean tide recently stirred up a slew of wet wipes that had been resting peacefully on the seabed for years after being flushed down local toilets. Now, “wet wipe monsters from the deep” plague the coastline, littering beautiful beaches.

The Wastewater Network area manager notes that after conducting research, it was found that the influx in debris wash-up wasn’t from recent operations, rather, older habits.

However, NI Water voiced their frustrations with the increase in flushed wipe clogs in recent years, citing a whopping £5.1 billion investment in the past 10 years just to replace infrastructure damaged from the wipes clog problem.

Additionally, research on Northern Ireland’s sewage clogs has shown that 93% of blockages are linked to local residents flushing dreaded wet wipes down the toilet.

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