Clorox boosts production of wipes after sales skyrocket

Wet wipes in hands pack on white background isolation

A recent article has revealed that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Clorox brand wipes have seen their best year of sales since 1998. Since the surge, Clorox has begun ramping up its production of the coveted to-go packs of wipes, boasting new packaging and more to appeal to customers. While disinfecting wipes may be a good way to reduce the spread of illnesses, it’s important to remember that wet wipes and other non-wovens are not flushable, despite what the packaging may claim. When wet wipes get into the sewage system, they don’t break down. This leads to damaging fatberg buildup in pipelines which wreck havoc on costly wastewater equipment, not to mention pose a threat for the chance of raw sewage leaks.

So, how can we keep wipes from destroying wastewater equipment and clogging pipes once they’re already there? Read more about the Muffin Monster sewage grinders trusted worldwide.